Beacon of Vengeance (Corridor of Darkness Vol. 2)


Beacon of vengeance cover

In the summer of 1941 America edges ever closer to joining battle against Hitler’s victorious armies in Europe…

but a dangerous spy game is already well underway.

Reluctant former operative Ryan Lemmon disappears in Nazi-occupied France, a country riddled with corruption and deceit. Ostensibly assigned to the State Department’s Special War Problems Division, Ryan is now an agent for America’s newly centralized intelligence office under William “Wild Bill” Donovan. His official assignment–undermine German intelligence operations across Occupied Europe.

But the first task of independent-minded Ryan Lemmon remains deeply personal–release his friends from a fascist internment camp while there is still hope for their survival.

And what ever goes exactly as planned?

Beacon of Vengeance and Fulcrum of Malice, the concluding volume in the Corridor of Darkness trilogy, are now both available as trade paperbacks and eBooks at online retail outlets. Beacon of Vengeance is also available as an audio book.

For, use this link:  Corridor of Darkness

For Barnes & Noble, use this one: Corridor of Darkness trilogy





8 Responses to Beacon of Vengeance (Corridor of Darkness Vol. 2)

  1. Marta Sills says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed “Corridor of Darkness” and “Beacon of Vengeance”. I wonder when the third book in this trilogy, “Fulcrum of Malice” will be available?

    • I’m so pleased you enjoyed the first two volumes in the Corridor of Darkness trilogy, Marta. Thank you for letting me know. I would be most appreciative if you would post a comment or two about your experience with these novels on their pages. Your support helps encourage other readers to discover my novels. Fulcrum of Malice is moving ahead nicely, with an anticipated publication date about May 2015. I hope you will enjoy reading it, as well! If you wish, I’d be happy to send an email letting you know when it is available. Thanks again for your appreciative comments, Patrick

      • A bit late, but Fulcrum of Malice was just released in ebook format today, and expect to see the print edition by Thanksgiving. Thanks for your patience, and I hope you enjoy the concluding volume of the trilogy!

  2. Donna says:

    When will Fulcrum of Malice be released. It is my understanding it would be out but Fall 2015.

    • Thanks for your interest, Donna. The cover is now being produced and Fulcrum formatted for both paperback and ebook, so watch for publication in about three weeks! Let me know what you think. Patrick

  3. Donna says:

    Are you still on track to release “Fulcrum of Malice” early November 2015?

  4. Proof copies of the paperback edition are scheduled to arrive this week from the printer. If nothing needs adjusting in the print layout, I expect to have Fulcrum available in print and eBook no later than the 15th! Watch for notices here, starting with a first look at the cover next week. Thanks so much for your interest. Patrick

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