Fulcrum of Malice (Corridor of Darkness Vol. 3)

fulcrum ebook image


Europe lies in chains at Hitler’s feet as midnight approaches in the heart of the German Reich. Having left his friends to fight the Nazi Occupation in France, Ryan Lemmon returns to a changed Berlin. Deep in this ominous city of shadows, the American agent conspires with a powerful German spymaster to subvert Hitler’s state. He is equally determined to save the life of a loving friend. But as he threads his way through the menacing streets, he wears a target on his back and knows full well he might pay for her release with his own life.

The complete Corridor of Darkness trilogy is available as trade paperback or eBook at Amazon. com by clicking this link: Corridor of Darkness

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The first two volumes of the trilogy are also available as audio books, impressively narrated by Tim Campbell.