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Ghosts of Europe Past: Three More Haunting Tales

Our fascination with  ghosts begins in our earliest years. Perhaps as children we are more open to specters lurking just beyond our everyday reality, and as adults we begin to tune them out.  For the kid in you, here are … Continue reading

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Goes Round, Comes Round: Third Excerpt from Corridor of Darkness

Dieter Sprenger was ebullient.  It certainly wasn’t the weather that buoyed his spirits.  Clouds hung low overhead, he bent his head against a biting wind blowing in off the Baltic, and the acrid smell of torched buildings still etched his … Continue reading

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A Bad Day for the Pastor: Second Excerpt from Corridor of Darkness

WARNING:  VIOLENCE POSSIBLY DISTURBING TO SOME READERS Pedestrians quickened their pace as they passed Gestapo headquarters in Königsberg.  Muffled cries or the occasional scream rising from the shielded basement windows resonated in the mind of any hapless passer-by. Mothers with … Continue reading

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Corridor of Darkness: First Excerpt

Klaus Pabst was pleased with his long day’s work.  It had been well worth rising early and the hours of travel from Berlin, crossing the Polish Corridor in a train whose doors were sealed to prevent anyone from boarding or detraining on Polish … Continue reading

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