For all who have asked when they can order the print version of Fulcrum of Malice, Volume 3 of the Corridor of Darkness trilogy, it’s here at last…

fulcrum ebook-fix

To order the trade paperback edition, click on FULCRUM OF MALICE

For the eBook edition, please choose: FULCRUM OF MALICE eBook

And my sincere thanks to all who look forward to reading the further challenges facing Ryan Lemmon and his friends.


About Patrick W. O'Bryon

Writer. Traveler. Europhile, especially Italy and France. Hobbies: rescuing animals from abuse, abandonment and mistreatment, and being sous chef around the kitchen to my chef de cuisine wife.
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  1. jduttonhopp says:

    I downloaded your book as soon as I received the notice, but I am waiting to read until I have an all day at home. I had just been in Berlin in 2014 when I read your first book. I recognized metro stops and street names, and in 2013 I was in Alsace area, so again areas were familiar. I love traveling to France (wish I had paid more attention to French classes in high school) and just got back in October from a 30-day trip to western and southern France. One of the highlights of this trip, besides Paris of course, was Normandy where we had a wonderful tour of the D-Day Beaches led by a retired British Royal Marine.

    Working on another book?

  2. Southwestern France is also one of my favorite regions, especially the Dordogne area and the Perigord in general. What a delight to spend a full month exploring that part of a spectacular country! Did you visit Honfleur while in Normandy? Such a charming town and friendly people.

    New ideas and characters swirling around in my head as I consider the next direction to take my writing. Thanks for your comments and for reading my novels.

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